A.5 Making of

This seminar paper has been completly written in XML using the KDE editor Kate and - as operation system - Debian GNU/Linux. The XML file has been transformed using libxml2 and libxslt into strict XHTML 1.0 and PDF (with the help of LaTeX) using two XSLT 1.1 sylesheets. The XHTML output makes full use of CSS 2. The display has been tested on several browsers like MS Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and text based browsers like lynx. Due to Netscape4's bad support of CSS, it is disabled. But the paper is still well readable. Neither tables nor frames are used for layout purposes. Tables are only used to display information in a matrix. The abbreviations are not only listed in the abbreviations section, but also pop up in the paper itself if you hover the mouse pointer over the dashedly underlinded words.